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    Forum Guidelines

    Welcome to the Spire User Forum! Here, we encourage you to talk about a variety of topics related to Spire. However, we do have some basic guidelines that you must follow:

    Read the stickies. The stickies are special topics that are permanently at the top of a list of topics. They usually contain forum rules and should not be disregarded. Before posting in a forum, you must read its stickies.

    Keep topics relevant. Topics need to relate to the forum category they are in. Topics for generic chatting are not allowed, but you can always make a topic about a specific subject, provided that one doesn’t already exist.

    Keep posts relevant. Your posts should relate to the subject dictated by the topic. Off-topic posts are considered spam and may be deleted.

    Don’t make duplicates. Please check if a similar topic exists before creating your own.

    Contribute to the topic. Please refrain from posting short, thoughtless posts; instead, take your time to write up a well-thought-out post which adds to the discussion.

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