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    I prefer to post all my month-end closing entries in 1 journal transaction. It easily spans 2 pages when printed. Logically all distributions should balance, ie. payroll clearing account should equal 4/5 weeks of net payroll. That being said, there are times when they do not. I have to stop and take the time to investigate and leave the transaction window open. Of course I then get called away and cannot finish the transaction before closing Spire at the end of day. I would like to be able to print (IDEALLY SAVE) the unbalanced transaction as it stands without posting it. I have resorted to a screen shot which kind of works but I then have to re-enter all the line details. Is there any mechanism to print/save the partial transaction without posting it?


    Hello Susan,

    Has Spire, or anyone, got back to you about this issue? I agree that would be nice to be able to save unposted GL entries.


    Hi Denise,

    Nope, haven’t heard from anyone. Still using screenshots. With my year-end coming up and lots of entries for multiple companies, it would be nice if I could print them, even if I can’t save them.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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