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    – B2 Cloud Storage
    – Restic backup utility

    Register for ‘B2 Cloud Storage’ at
    Create a B2 bucket with the name SPIREBUCKET, note the ID and KEY
    Download Restic from more info at

    Make a new folder on your Desktop lets call it Backup
    Rename download to restic.exe and place in Backup folder.
    Create a batch file in the Backup folder, lets name it mybackup.cmd and open it with Notepad


    @echo off
    set B2_ACCOUNT_ID=000cf3a13a0be500000000003
    set B2_ACCOUNT_KEY=K00Hd76384GdGRh2TY65hG7sFGHatDw00342000
    set RESTIC_PASSWORD=my_secret_jksdhfkjsd78687SFDG

    cd %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\Backup

    restic init
    restic backup C:\ProgramData\Spire\Snapshots
    restic ls latest


    When you run the mybackup.cmd you might get access denied. To gain access to  C:\ProgramData\Spire\Snapshots  you must Run as Administrator. Right click  mybackup.cmd choose Run as Administrator.

    restic init – You only need to run this once to initialise the restic repository on B2. If you run it again it will complain “Already Initialised” but is otherwise harmless. You may REM it out to if you like.
    restic backup C:\ProgramData\Spire\Snapshots – Does the backup to B2
    restic ls latest – displays a listing of your latest backup in the cloud

    Backblaze does not charge for the first 10GB of storage. If your backup exceeds 10GB they will charge you the overage and it’s dirt cheap.

    Remember: If you neglect to restore and verify then – “You don’t have a backup.”

    Finally use Task Scheduler to run mybackup.cmd nightly.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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